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"I have been collaborating with  George  from Green Recording
and Mastering for more than 25 years. He has mixed and mastered most of my film scores and other projects. He has the ability to mix perfectly a
big symphonic soundtrack, jazz and rock bands or experimental electronic music. 
I really feel very confident when George is in the control room as his input
to my projects is always very helpful.
He always impresses me as he updates constantly his knowledge and his
equipment on the edge of sound technology, but most of all has the ability with his positive attitude to get the best performance out of each artist."
        Vangelis Valis Papageorgiou
      Award winning film composer  

"We have used Green Studios for mastering on a numper of occasions
The first time was out of desperation due to not being satisfied with other
studios. I'm glad we did as we have gone back to him numerous times 
and would never go anywhere else.
From that point all artists we have recommended have been 100% satisfied. We found George an absolute genius when it comes to
delivering what was asked of him.
His understanding of his craft is second to none and would never hesitat
          Wayne Kalil
     Giant Entertainment
     NSW State Opera
     The Ten Sopranos

"Green Recording & Mastering studio is great place to record, mix and master 
music or any audio.
I have made my single albums and movie projects with  George  since 
2009. He is very friendly and up to date with equipment and sound.
Recording  facility is suitable for small and large productions.
Loved the vocal sound with the combination of  Manley Gold  mic and 
Avalon preamp. 
If you want to complete an artistic commercial standart product with love and fun you will need a guide. 
George Markousis is my audio engineer."
         Mayu Ganeshan
     Music Producer, Audio Engineer

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